Construction of a Lego Star Destroyer (1): Construction Begins

Wilcoxvria Fleet Yards, Planet Nashooa

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First off, let me say that I have a wonderful wife. In addition to being beautiful, intelligent, hard-working, funny, and a devoted believer, she bought me this Star Destroyer set for our twelfth wedding anniversary. Thank you, Nichelle!

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Just how big is that box? David, age 5, can fit completely under it.
After a long wait (Nichelle decided that getting ready to move was more important than building this), construction begins.
As it turned out, this was only half of the frame. I turned the page, and discovered that two identical constructions occur. (Had I known, I would have built them both at the same time.)
One frame faces up, the other faces down. At this point, the only difference between them is an extra two magnets on the bottom piece.
The engines were put in place earlier in the construction phase than I expected.

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